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Badge Gepatchtes Lanternhülse Sweatshirt - Dunkelgrau Eine Größe Mobile
Badge Gepatchtes Lanternhülse Sweatshirt - Dunkelgrau Eine Größe Mobile
Badge Gepatchtes Lanternhülse Sweatshirt - Dunkelgrau Eine Größe Mobile
Badge Gepatchtes Lanternhülse Sweatshirt - Dunkelgrau Eine Größe Mobile
Badge Gepatchtes Lanternhülse Sweatshirt - Dunkelgrau Eine Größe Mobile



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Badge Gepatchtes Lanternhülse Sweatshirt - Dunkelgrau

Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig

Auswahlen: Eine Größe,Dunkelgrau

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  • x770r143

    I love this sweatshirt. It came in 2 weeks (it took a lot more than what I was expecting) and I got the one showed in the picture, color yellow. It was darker than what I was expecting but I loved it anyways bc that’s what i wanted. It’s also a little bit short but doesn’t show my belly bottom.(I’m 5’1, and usually use a size M). Also, is not as thick as I thought it would be. Regardless, it’s perfect for one of those windy-sunny days where you don’t want to go out and get sweaty but neither get cold, lol. I recommend it :) // Me encantó este jersey. Llegó en 2 semanas (más de lo que yo esperaba) Y yo pedí la de color mostaza mostrada en la foto. Se ve más oscura de lo que yo esperaba pero me encanta igualmente porque es lo que quería. Es también un poco corta, pero no muestra mi ombligo. (Mido 1’52 y sualmente soy una talla M.) También, no es tan gruesa como pensé que iba a ser. De igual manera, es perfecta para uno de esos días de viento y sol como cuando tu no quieres salir afuera y sudar pero tampoco pasar frío, jaja. La recomiendo!

    Nov. 02, 2017 at 22:18:04 PM

  • olivia!

    I love this sweater! I bought two of them, one in the color Ginger, and the other in the color Blackish Green. They are decent quality, and are very comfortable on the stomach area. They are cropped though. Do not expect this item to be baggy and something you could wear with leggings without half of your gut showing. The sleeves are super cute, and I love how baggy they are. But it isn't the most comfortable to have the sleeves at about mid-arm, so I just pull them up to my elbow and let them be baggy! At first I was questioning if I could make it work because I am on the heavier side, and us girls are always skeptical with "One-Size-Fits-All", but they fit just fine:) For the price, not too shabby!

    Feb. 15, 2018 at 18:30:06 PM

  • Chech

    So basically the top is definitely different in person than in the picture. In the picture, the sweater looks like a cute, slightly thick crew neck sweatshirt type and is cropped. In person, at first I hated it because the arms are actually pretty short, or at least they just come up to halfway of my forearm. The neck is the weird part that I don’t understand it’s like divided weirdly as in the front neck and the back neck cloth don’t connect and just rise up on your neck separately. I’ve come to love the shirt though and now it’s really cute to me and you can tuck the neck parts in if it’s a huge bother.

    • Badge Gepatchtes Lanternhülse Sweatshirt Reviews

    Feb. 13, 2018 at 00:47:26 AM

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Beiläufiges modisches Sweatshirt, das Laternenhülse, Buchstabe-Badge Patch Entwurf und Schrägausschnitt kennzeichnet. Dieses Sweatshirt ist perfekt zum Aushängen mit Jeans.

Kleidungsstil: Sweatshirt
Geschlecht: Lang
Material: Polyester
Muster: Patchwork
Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Sweatshirt


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Badge Gepatchtes Lanternhülse Sweatshirt - Dunkelgrau Eine Größe Mobile



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