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Charm Star Collarbone Kettenhalskette - Silber  Mobile
Charm Star Collarbone Kettenhalskette - Silber  Mobile
Charm Star Collarbone Kettenhalskette - Silber  Mobile
Charm Star Collarbone Kettenhalskette - Silber  Mobile
Charm Star Collarbone Kettenhalskette - Silber  Mobile

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Charm Star Collarbone Kettenhalskette - Silber

Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig

Auswahlen: Silber

Bewertung (442)


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  • Arihec

    This gold necklace is PRECIOUS, I do not stop using it, my friends ask me where I buy it and I always tell them to buy it in my favorite internet store, ZAFUL, thank you for this beautiful necklace that you can also use as a choker ♥

    Este collar dorado es PRECIOSO, no lo dejo de usar, mis amigas me preguntan donde lo compre y siempre les digo que lo compre en mi tienda favorita de internet, ZAFUL, gracias por este hermoso collar que también puedes utilizar como choker♥

    • Charm Star Collarbone Kettenhalskette Reviews

    Jan. 30, 2018 at 13:53:36 PM

  • hayleeholt

    Cute and perfect length (can be a choker but I prefer a little longer). Only thing I am concerned about, is that the clasp is a little sticky. Like it sometime's doesn't close all the way so I'm a little worried that one day the necklace may fall off if the clasp isn't closed. But this is a pretty good product considering the price. I would buy another necklace like this again from here.

    Aug. 14, 2018 at 10:07:53 AM

  • Anne

    Great choker necklace. Looks just like the pictures. I don't know what material is it made of but it didn't turn my neck green after a full day of sweating into the sun. Looks new and I think it will last quite a while. Fits perfectly but I have a thicker neck so it might fit looser on someone else. I recommend this product, looks just like the ones instagram bloggers wear :)

    Sep. 05, 2018 at 20:43:11 PM

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Typ: Gliederkette
Stilelemente: Modisch
Muster: Star
Länge: 38CM
Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Halskette



Charm Star Collarbone Kettenhalskette - Silber  Mobile



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