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Blume tief Hals Chorhemd Spielanzug - Weiß M Mobile
Blume tief Hals Chorhemd Spielanzug - Weiß M Mobile
Blume tief Hals Chorhemd Spielanzug - Weiß M Mobile
Blume tief Hals Chorhemd Spielanzug - Weiß M Mobile
Blume tief Hals Chorhemd Spielanzug - Weiß M Mobile

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Blume Tief Hals Chorhemd Spielanzug - Weiß M

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Auswahlen: M,Weiß

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  • sandundermyfeet

    This romper is love at first sight! The moment I saw this while browsing through Zaful's site, I knew I got to have one. I am utterly satisfied with this item. It looks dainty and vintage because of the print and detailing but with a current trend. I'm a sucker for rompers, even though they are hard to wear especially if you need to go to the bathroom. But they are ultra stylish that I can forgo comfort over fashion hahaha! But it's comfortable to wear don't worry, just some struggle while putting it on and undressing. The romper looks exactly as the photo on the Zaful's site. I got this in Large basing on the size guide provided by Zaful and it fits perfectly. The material used for this is crepe chiffon, so it has some texture but still light weight and comfy to wear. Perfect for a sunny day or wearing on a day with good weather. The length of the bottom part is also just right, not too short and not too long. I really love the prints on in it with the mocha colored base. the shorts part also have this frill details which are cute. The sleeves also have this slightly flounced edges. The bottom part has lining too so no worries of anything being see-through. This also comes with a wide belt with the same material as the rest of the romper which gives added details to this beautiful piece of clothing. I will very likely to use this a lot because I really really like it so much!

    • Blume tief Hals Chorhemd Spielanzug Reviews

    May. 22, 2017 at 01:04:15 AM

  • superwomanfan01

    LOVEEEEE! Just like the picture and amazing material! I think I got a medium and I should have gone with a small but it still fits fine if anything the top is a bit open and could be pinned. I am almost 6 ft and it isn’t too short at all so I was really impressed! Would look super cute with some nude heels. Also it can be worn with or without the strap.

    • Blume tief Hals Chorhemd Spielanzug Reviews

    Jan. 30, 2018 at 09:14:00 AM

  • Shan

    I always start my reviews with this phrase but when it's true it's true, so it's like the picture the same colour and pattern, I actually love it... but.. the only problem is that the bottom when u have it on is big, like it can open and see your bra, it1s true that if its smaller then u can1t put it on, but thats it. I leave u a picture so u can see it yourself

    • Blume tief Hals Chorhemd Spielanzug Reviews

    Mar. 05, 2018 at 09:54:52 AM

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Stilelemente: Streetstyle
Stil: Normal
Material: Baumwollmischungen
Muster: Blumen
Mit Gürtel: Ja
Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Spielanzug 1 x Gürtel


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leider wurde diese Größe ausverkauft.



Blume tief Hals Chorhemd Spielanzug - Weiß M Mobile



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