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Gepolsterte Rücken Bindeband Bademode - Meeresblau S Mobile
Gepolsterte Rücken Bindeband Bademode - Meeresblau S Mobile
Gepolsterte Rücken Bindeband Bademode - Meeresblau S Mobile
Gepolsterte Rücken Bindeband Bademode - Meeresblau S Mobile
Gepolsterte Rücken Bindeband Bademode - Meeresblau S Mobile

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Gepolsterte Rücken Bindeband Bademode - Meeresblau S

Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig! Nur 1 rest!

Auswahlen: S,Meeresblau

Bewertung (131)


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  • Kit

    I always think of myself as a shapely but oddly shaped thin girl. I have just enough bust and booty to get by, however I didnt know how to feel about this. Don't get me wrong, it is super cute on, however with the straps going up the back and the little arch right before my booty, its a little space where you can look down and see my butt! Other than that issue, I think it is an okay fit. I ordered a M because I was scared it would be a little too small, however I could have went a size up and it could have fitted a little more comfortably.

    Sep. 26, 2017 at 21:34:03 PM

  • trippyjenni

    This order was actually for my sister, but it didn't really fit her. She has bigger boobs than me, I'm more flat chested. So when I tried it on it fits me pretty good. I mean it's not my style, but I'll wear it when I go to the beach. If you have big boobs get an Extra Large or double up a size I suggest. My sister and I are both a medium but she got a large instead. The Material is very good tho.

    • Gepolsterte Rücken Bindeband Bademode Reviews

    Aug. 22, 2017 at 20:07:43 PM

  • dsenth

    Super cute swimsuit in a beautiful color. The padding was great, only problem with this was that it felt a little tight length-wise on me and I'm pretty short so if you are taller, size up! Also if you have a fuller bust, there will most likely be some side boob going on so keep that in mind! Other than that it's a great swimsuit, perfect for a family vacation!

    • Gepolsterte Rücken Bindeband Bademode Reviews

    Dec. 03, 2017 at 19:51:57 PM

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Hoher Hals Bindeband ein Stück Badeanzug verfügt über eine Multi-String Rückenfrei und eine gepolsterte Büste. Rücken ausgeschnittene Badebekleidung.

Bademode: Einteiler
Typ: Damen
Material: Chinlon,Elasthan
Stil: Gepolstert
Funktionen: Ohne Bügel
Ausschnitt: Rundhals
Muster: Cartoon
TailleLeibhöhe: Normal
Elastizität: elastisch
Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Bademode


GrößentabelleWie messe ich richtig??

Unsere Größe Fit US-GrößeBüste
S486 / 33.8668 / 26.7792 / 36.22
M690 / 35.4372 / 28.3596 / 37.80
L894 / 37.0176 / 29.92100 / 39.37
internationale Umrechnung
2 6 34 PP
4 8 36 P
6 10 38 M
8 12 40 G
10 14 42 GG
12 16 44 GGG
Wie messe ich richtig?
Messen Sie von der Schulter bis zum Handgelenk.
Messen Sie an der stärksten Stelle der Brust waagerecht um den Körper.
Messen Sie waagerecht an der schmalsten Stelle der Taille.
Stehen Sie entspannt und messen Sie waagerecht um die stärkste Stelle des Gesäßes.
Es würde einfach, wenn Ihnen jemand hilft. Stehen Sie entspannt und messen Sie entlang des Beins vom Schritt bis zum Boden.
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Gepolsterte Rücken Bindeband Bademode - Meeresblau S Mobile



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    S M L

    Fit US-Größe:4.(in Zoll)

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