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Hoch tailliertes überbackenes Bikini-Set mit einer Schulter - Merlot S Mobile
Hoch tailliertes überbackenes Bikini-Set mit einer Schulter - Merlot S Mobile
Hoch tailliertes überbackenes Bikini-Set mit einer Schulter - Merlot S Mobile


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Hoch Tailliertes überbackenes Bikini-Set Mit Einer Schulter - Merlot S

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Auswahlen: S,Merlot

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  • 1xd98o01

    I absolutely love the material of this swim suit. It's thick and not at all thin or flimsy, which is exactly what I wanted. The scallops on it are SO cute and very flattering and also help to cover the booty. I order an XL and the top fit very well. My only complaint about the top is the padding. It was very thick and bulky and it didn't smooth out. I decided I will be taking the pads out and will be using an alternative. The bottoms on the other hand...Let me just go ahead and say I am I size 12 in jeans. I wear a XL in athletic shorts and have room to breathe. L in leggings. And I wear a L-XL top(depends on how I want it to fit) I am very curvy and have a booty. I have lost about 50lbs so I have some lose skin. I have a small waist and thick butt and legs. My previous swim bottoms where from another store and also an XL. They were beginning to stand away from me and were just getting too big. The one pro I will say about these bottoms is they covered my bum way better than most other swim suits I've tried on. But they were very snug. VERY snug. I had to give them a good stretch and shimmy them up. They definitely fit. They won't be flying off of me if I were to go down a water slide. They were just much tighter than I would've liked them to be but my fiancé loved them. I'm hoping to drop some more pounds before wearing them out so they will fit a little better. All in all I did love the swim suit, the color, and the material. Just watch yourself on the size. These don't stretch very well and run on the small side.

    Sep. 15, 2017 at 15:05:58 PM

  • 7v9q7o24

    It would have been a great swimsuit if it fit. I am 5'4" 150 pounds. I wear a 34 D bra at Victoria's Secret. The top would not be safe for boobs bigger than mine it's not that flattering, I didn't really like it, but it wasn't horrible. Also, my right boob has a risk of falling out of the top because there is no strap. The bottoms are a bit snug on my thighs I should have ordered an XL but the top wouldn't have fit. The bottoms on me go up to the bottom of my belly button, so unless I keep on pulling them up they won't cover it. The material is not stretchy it feels sturdy so even if the top didn't have inserts nipping won't be that noticeable. Overall the swimsuit wasn't bad, I don't think it's that flattering on me, but I'd definitely wear the bottoms.

    • Hoch tailliertes überbackenes Bikini-Set mit einer Schulter Reviews

    May. 30, 2017 at 22:28:12 PM

  • e10ul0o1

    The swimsuit is great. The material is good quality, thick, and well-made, BUT after reading the comments, I listened to the majority of reviews and YouTube videos. I ordered a size up, medium. I am 5'1, 105 pounds. The medium is too big. The bottoms stick out in the back, around my mid-back area, and the top is too loose. My biggest regret is not ordering a small. The bikini was only $13, but it took over two weeks to come in, 17 days to be exact, so it makes no sense to return it. If I decide to order again, I will DEFINITELY order a size small. Be cautious, go with your gut when ordering the correct size.

    Jul. 27, 2017 at 20:25:35 PM

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Bademode: Bikini
Typ: Damen
Material: Polyester,Elasthan
Stil: Gepolstert
Funktionen: Ohne Bügel
Ausschnitt: One-Shoulder
Muster: Solide
TailleLeibhöhe: Hoch
Elastizität: elastisch
Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x oben 1 x unten


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Unsere Größe Fit US-GrößeBüste
S282 / 32.2864 / 25.2088 / 34.65
M486 / 33.8668 / 26.7792 / 36.22
L690 / 35.4372 / 28.3596 / 37.80
XL894 / 37.0176 / 29.92100 / 39.37
internationale Umrechnung
2 6 34 PP
4 8 36 P
6 10 38 M
8 12 40 G
10 14 42 GG
12 16 44 GGG
Wie messe ich richtig?
Messen Sie von der Schulter bis zum Handgelenk.
Messen Sie an der stärksten Stelle der Brust waagerecht um den Körper.
Messen Sie waagerecht an der schmalsten Stelle der Taille.
Stehen Sie entspannt und messen Sie waagerecht um die stärkste Stelle des Gesäßes.
Es würde einfach, wenn Ihnen jemand hilft. Stehen Sie entspannt und messen Sie entlang des Beins vom Schritt bis zum Boden.
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Hoch tailliertes überbackenes Bikini-Set mit einer Schulter - Merlot S Mobile



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