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Knoten Scoop Bikini Top Und Badehose - Rosa S Mobile
Knoten Scoop Bikini Top Und Badehose - Rosa S Mobile
Knoten Scoop Bikini Top Und Badehose - Rosa S Mobile



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Knoten Scoop Bikini Top Und Badehose - Rosa S


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  • 326e68k0

    I’m 5’2, 139lbs, 36C for reference. Very fast shipping. The material is nice and very soft. Love the yellow color against my skin tone. Overall the bikini is very cute. Although due to my big hips and butt I always order a size L, and normally the tops fit good but this top has a lot of extra fabric and unfortunately the tie in the front is a faux tie. Meaning you can’t tie the top tighter. If I could that would’ve helped a bit by giving a bit more snugginess to my breasts instead of not giving much support at all. And the cups are removable and you’ll want to do that because they came all bent and folded and the size was small. So you’re better off putting your own cups in from another bikini. I would not advise wearing without padding because once they’re wet I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to see everything. I’m going to have to adjust the top by sewing the sides. There’s about a good two inches on each side of extra fabric that I folded in while measuring for alterations. So if you’re big on the bottom but small up top just keep in mind you’ll probably have to sew the extra fabric once you fold it in. I picked under the arms so you wouldn’t see the stictiching as much. As for the bottoms they fit great but have more coverage than I like. This isn’t a bikini for tanning by any means but it’s a cute poolside bikini. One more thing. The back of the top isn’t skinny, there’s a good 4-5 inches of fabric. So picture kind of like a sports bra look, like I said, not ideal for tanning.

    • Knoten Scoop Bikini Top Und Badehose Reviews

    May. 26, 2018 at 07:59:59 AM

  • PaigeAnne53

    I adore the shape of this bikini and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. It looks exactly like the photos. The material is also quite nice and it arrived arrived without any faults. I'm usually a size XS-S in bottoms and a size S in tops. I ordered a size M in this bikini. The bottoms fit perfectly. I absolutely love the cut of them. They show the perfect amount of booty without making me feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. The seams on the sides of the bottoms stick out a bit but you can hardly notice them. The top is also very flattering, however it is a little loose around the sides. This is probably due to my lack of boobs (I'm a 12B). It is also slightly too big around the bottom (underneath the boob area and around the back) and unfortunately this cannot be fixed by making it tighter due to it not having any adjustable features at all. When I stretch my arms up, the top does rise a little and shows some under boob, so this bikini is probably best worn for tanning, lounging by the pool or light swims. Overall I am super happy with my purchase and cannot wait to wear this bikini.

    • Knoten Scoop Bikini Top Und Badehose Reviews

    Jul. 13, 2017 at 15:10:54 PM

  • MBT

    Ok so I'm actually surprised by the quality of this swimsuit. And I'm not just saying that, the bottoms and top are seamless, which comes typically at a high price from most shops. The sizing sucks as we all know by this point. I'm typically a small or xsmall on top and medium on the bottom. I bought this in a medium. The bottoms are very slightly snug on the bum, and the top is unsurprisingly a little too big. For most of their other bikinis the bottoms are still too small in a medium so this suit probably runs slightly more true to size.  So I'd still size up. I wish they sold tops and bottoms separately. This site would be perfect if they did. I took the cups out of the top since they looked crazy.

    • Knoten Scoop Bikini Top Und Badehose Reviews

    Jul. 01, 2017 at 16:53:49 PM

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Der schlanke und schmeichelnde Badeanzug kommt mit Pulli-Stil Knopfleiste vorne Bralette Bikini-Oberteil und frechen Passform Schwimmunterlage, gepolstert.

Bademode: Bikini
Typ: Damen
Material: Nylon,Polyester,Elasthan
Stil: Gepolstert
Funktionen: Ohne Bügel
Ausschnitt: Rundhals
Muster: Solide
TailleLeibhöhe: Niedrig
Elastizität: elastisch
Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Top 1 x Böden


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Knoten Scoop Bikini Top Und Badehose - Rosa S Mobile



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