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Metall Linsen Wayfarer Sonnenbrille - eisblau  Mobile
Metall Linsen Wayfarer Sonnenbrille - eisblau  Mobile
Metall Linsen Wayfarer Sonnenbrille - eisblau  Mobile

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Metall Linsen Wayfarer Sonnenbrille - Eisblau

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Auswahlen: eisblau

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  • sandundermyfeet

    I love oversized sunglasses because I think they add some edginess into a plain outfit and it makes you look you posh. It also gives off that "I've got no time for any of your BS so leave me alone" hehe. But kidding aside I got these pair of sunglasses because they look vintage and kinda looks like those half frame clubmaster wayfarer sunglasses from Ray-Ban that stays true to the classic and iconic look of the original, though this one is a bit over-sized and with some differences. Like that the lens covers the entire front part and that the sidearms/temples are in gold color. I super like the quality of the sunglasses that I received. They don't look cheap at all. They're a bit heavy actually, so you know the material used are not of poor quality so I high hopes they will last for months or hopefully years. . The nose pads are made of the usual silicone or rubber so they prevent the sunglasses from sliding down my face especially that they are a bit heavy. It did not came in a hard or soft case though and was just wrapped with bubble wrap, good thing it was not damaged.

    • Metall Linsen Wayfarer Sonnenbrille Reviews

    Dec. 28, 2017 at 20:51:43 PM

  • 48apt99h

    Für der Preis sehr gut. Sehr schön kann man überall tragen, nicht sehr stabil aber für altag schon.

    May. 07, 2018 at 16:34:37 PM

  • Karla

    Me encantan aunque el material no es fan bueno pero están lindos y son súper baratos

    Sep. 18, 2018 at 08:25:50 AM

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Zielgruppe: Erwachsenen
Typ: Damen
Stilelemente: Streetstyle
Material: Polycarbonat
Rahmenmaterial: Legierung
Rahmenfarbe: Multi-Farben
Linsengröße: 5CM
Linsenbreite: 5,5CM
Bügellänge: 13,8CM
Nase: 1,8CM
Rahmenlänge: 14,2CM
Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Sonnenbrille



Metall Linsen Wayfarer Sonnenbrille - eisblau  Mobile



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