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Ovale UV Schutz Sonnenbrillen - Schwarz  Mobile
Ovale UV Schutz Sonnenbrillen - Schwarz  Mobile
Ovale UV Schutz Sonnenbrillen - Schwarz  Mobile
Ovale UV Schutz Sonnenbrillen - Schwarz  Mobile
Ovale UV Schutz Sonnenbrillen - Schwarz  Mobile

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Ovale UV Schutz Sonnenbrillen - Schwarz

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Auswahlen: Schwarz

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  • GabrielleRoseBonniee

    Oval UV Protection Sunglasses in a deep pink colour. Oh my gosh! You can´t even imagine how nervous I was while I was picking them and adding them into my backet. Even on the picture, they looked very pretty but I wasn´t sure about the one thing - if they are a mirrored one. And thanks God, they ARE! I am sooo glad I purchased them in the end. I just love mirrored glasses. No one can actually tell where I look right? And that´s the best! These ones are also a good quality ones - I´m seriously surprised.

    • Ovale UV Schutz Sonnenbrillen Reviews

    Feb. 02, 2018 at 13:41:03 PM

  • 97e61r12

    I love these glasses I literally take pictures with them all the time. My family comes over and puts them on because they are so cute for and Instagram picture. I love the feels you get of the red, totally rad. The only reason I gave it four stars is because the metal between the lenses is so big and doesn’t go around my nose which some people might like but I don’t really, it looks a bit odd. But other than that they are so great. I suggest you snatch these for yourself and make your insta comments explode with loves!

    Feb. 12, 2018 at 21:35:33 PM

  • Nely

    I like it, its cute , different look and it reminds me of salt babe. The darkness of the shade i thought would be darker but i would still wear them around. I was concern about the arrival of my package to arrive and i messaged them. Little did i know they'd respond back in like 10 min, i really appreciate that and am impressed. I will be shopping here again very soon

    • Ovale UV Schutz Sonnenbrillen Reviews

    Jul. 22, 2018 at 18:50:40 PM

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Zielgruppe: Erwachsenen
Typ: Damen
Stilelemente: Streetstyle
Form: Rund
Material: Harz
Rahmenmaterial: Andere
Rahmenfarbe: Gelb
Linsengröße: 4,2CM
Linsenbreite: 5,1CM
Bügellänge: 14,0CM
Nase: 1,6CM
Rahmenlänge: 13,0CM
Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Sonnenbrille



Ovale UV Schutz Sonnenbrillen - Schwarz  Mobile



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