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Leibchen Bodysuit - Armeegrün M Mobile
Leibchen Bodysuit - Armeegrün M Mobile
Leibchen Bodysuit - Armeegrün M Mobile
Leibchen Bodysuit - Armeegrün M Mobile

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Leibchen Bodysuit - Armeegrün M

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Auswahlen: M,Armeegrün

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  • yo90r707

    The straps are a bit too close to each other compared to similar bodysuits from boohoo, fashion nova etc. I will be bringing it to a tailor for adjusting as I don’t know how to sew. It’s still way more worth it buying from zaful as the material is of good quality, stretchy and comfortable. The straps are also adjustable. I got a size M and I’m 173cm, EU36. It is a little tight as I’m tall and I’m a 34DD bra size so it stretches out instead of fitting snugly. I could wear an L too, I’ll be ordering another colour in size L soon. It fits true to size but if you are above 170cm or have bigger boobs I recommend sizing up unless you like tight fits. Overall an amazing purchase and I’m extremely satisfied.

    Feb. 22, 2018 at 11:16:55 AM

  • 8gy934hc

    I just loved it!!! I’ve wanted this bodysuit for so long, and when I finally found it here in Zaful I was super happy!! And now that it has arrived I’m even more happy!!! I loveee the material, is super thick and is not see through!! The straps look a little bit cheap if you analyze them but no one will notice. I would recommend this bodysuit to everyone!!! The fit is true to size!!! I’m an XS or even XXS and I ordered the size S and fitted well but is not as tight as a bodysuit should be. Anyway it still looks amazing and I love it!!

    • Leibchen Bodysuit Reviews

    Jan. 03, 2018 at 16:15:46 PM

  • Sami.reyesxx

    An absolutely stunning piece! I love the material, it’s not thick like cotton, it’s perfect for a summer ensemble because it’s so breathable. It has no buttons at the crotch, but since the material is so stretchy—you could get away with just pulling it to the side if the sitaution ever arises. Stick to your regular size, I’m 4’8” 88lbs for reference and I decided on a ‘small’ and it fits perfectly. I absolutely adore it, thank you Zaful!

    • Leibchen Bodysuit Reviews

    Jan. 25, 2018 at 23:55:17 PM

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Stilelemente: Sportlich
Material: Baumwollmischungen
Muster: Solide
Stil: Herbst,Frühling
Mit Gürtel: Nein
Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Bodysuit


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Leibchen Bodysuit - Armeegrün M Mobile



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