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Rückenfreies Mini Cami Kleid - Aprikose M Mobile
Rückenfreies Mini Cami Kleid - Aprikose M Mobile
Rückenfreies Mini Cami Kleid - Aprikose M Mobile
Rückenfreies Mini Cami Kleid - Aprikose M Mobile
Rückenfreies Mini Cami Kleid - Aprikose M Mobile


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Rückenfreies Mini Cami Kleid - Aprikose M

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Auswahlen: M,Aprikose

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  • vi

    IT FINALLY CAME! I ordered it on the 7th and received it on the 26th. The packaging isn't as astonishing or exciting (which I was half-expecting) but what matters is the dress right? Speaking of which, it fits like a glove! A very short, provocative (in the best way) and stylish glove. It's shorter than I expected but not unbearably short. This is DEFINITELY for women with a smaller chest; I'm a 32C and I got a small which fit amazingly. It has a silky kind of texture too which is great AND it's stretches a little which is also a great thing. The only problem I have is that the back is very low so if I'm wearing the wrong underwear, game over hahah. Otherwise, it's everything I expected. I LOOOOVE IT((:

    • Rückenfreies Mini Cami Kleid Reviews

    May. 26, 2017 at 20:50:46 PM

  • superwomanfan01

    I was pleasantly surprised by this item! It’s pretty short and thin and reveals A LOT haha but it’s very pretty and I felt sexy in it! No idea where I will wear it, might tuck it in to make a shirt or wear it out somewhere. The straps under the armpit however are super weird I am not a fan really, I got a medium I think and it fits really well, the material gives a little and I recommend wearing nothing underneath (risky but it’s seriously thin material) you don’t even need a bra because the material smooths you out unless your nipples are crazy hard. This would look lovely with a tan and some nude heels! LOVEEEE

    Feb. 06, 2018 at 09:50:17 AM

  • Jojo

    I loveee this dress. It’s just like the “Misa Dress” by Are You Am I, except it’s not $349 lol. I had been wanting to find a similar style and this is exactly it. The material is thin but it’s really soft which I liked. The champagne/ apricot color is beautiful. You can see the pasties through the fabric so I’m not sure how to fix that but overall it’s a really cute dress for the price! I’m 5’2 and 92 pounds & ordered the small and it fit a little loose but it doesn’t look weird!

    • Rückenfreies Mini Cami Kleid Reviews

    Nov. 30, 2017 at 04:59:37 AM

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Cami Club Minikleid besteht aus einem Riemen und Rückenfrei mit anpassendem Silhoutte.
-Abjustierbare Riemen
-Reißverschluss am Rücken

Stilelemente: Freizeit
Anlass: Causal,Tag
Material: Baumwolle
Silhouette : Straight-Leg
Kleidlänge: Mini
Ausschnitt: Träger
Geschlecht: Ärmellos
Muster: Solide
Mit Gürtel: Nein
Stil: Sommer
Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Kleid


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Rückenfreies Mini Cami Kleid - Aprikose M Mobile



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