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Runde halb-randlose Sonnenbrille - Hellgrün  Mobile
Runde halb-randlose Sonnenbrille - Hellgrün  Mobile
Runde halb-randlose Sonnenbrille - Hellgrün  Mobile
Runde halb-randlose Sonnenbrille - Hellgrün  Mobile
Runde halb-randlose Sonnenbrille - Hellgrün  Mobile

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Runde Halb-randlose Sonnenbrille - Hellgrün

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Auswahlen: Hellgrün

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  • Maria Rose

    These glasses are AMAZING and SUPER cute!!! They're over sized but not too big and they fit just perfect on my head, not too loose or tight. These glasses make me feel so groovy and I've gotten so many compliments! If your trying to decide if you should get these or not... DO IT! You'll be happy you did!! Customer service was very helpful with any question I had and always responded within 24 hrs. The glasses arrived in about 2 weeks with standard shipping and no insurance.

    • Runde halb-randlose Sonnenbrille Reviews

    Jan. 17, 2018 at 17:05:04 PM

  • ysybest

    Finally got the style of glasses I've always wanted! This was packaged nicely, no scratches or anything (and when the package first came in, I thought the glasses weren't inside because of how packaged and cushioned it was with my other order). It's very light which makes me cautious with it as I feel like it can break easily but other than that it is perfect. The size is good as well, I feel like the lens part is a bit too big but it suits my face very well.

    Aug. 31, 2017 at 02:57:34 AM

  • Anna

    I'm actually eh on these glasses. online they look like the lenses will be small (kind of a john lennon look), but they're not. I repeat, these lenses are not small. they're bigger than expected and I don't know how I feel about them. I'll definitely use them sometime because when wearing them, the protection is good. But I feel low-key like a bafoon wearing them lol

    • Runde halb-randlose Sonnenbrille Reviews

    Sep. 18, 2017 at 18:55:02 PM

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Zielgruppe: Erwachsenen
Typ: Damen
Stilelemente: Streetstyle
Form: Runden
Material: Harz
Rahmenmaterial: Legierung
Rahmenfarbe: Gelb
Linsengröße: 5,8CM
Linsenbreite: 6,0CM
Bügellänge: 15,6CM
Nase: 1,8CM
Rahmenlänge: 14,9CM
Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Sonnenbrille

leider wurde diese Größe ausverkauft.



Runde halb-randlose Sonnenbrille - Hellgrün  Mobile



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