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U-Ausschnitt Bralette String Bikini - Bundeswehrgrün M Mobile
U-Ausschnitt Bralette String Bikini - Bundeswehrgrün M Mobile
U-Ausschnitt Bralette String Bikini - Bundeswehrgrün M Mobile



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U-Ausschnitt Bralette String Bikini - Bundeswehrgrün M

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Auswahlen: M,Bundeswehrgrün

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  • 2p7d2q3y

    I LOVE this bikini! It is one of my favourites ever. It is absolutely lovely quality (apart from the pads which I will get to later), amazing colour, wonderful shape and an amazing fit (I got a small, I'm a UK size 8). The bottoms fit like a dream, do not cut into my hips at all (I'm 84cm across the hip bones, for reference) as does the top, and the shape is so flattering. Now, the cups are absolutely no good at all - they are completely visible through the suit so I had to physically cut the top on both sides to get them out, to make holes like some suits have built in. I didn't mind doing this as you don't need large holes because the fabric stretches, and the holes are not visible when I'm wearing the suit. I have not tested whether this will make my nipples visible when the suit is wet but they are not at all when it is dry so I'm hoping they aren't! So maybe I should have given it 4* because of the pads but as I was happy to cut them out I'm giving 5* cos I just think it's worth it despite that!

    • U-Ausschnitt Bralette String Bikini Reviews

    Aug. 01, 2017 at 20:10:35 PM

  • 2p7d2q3y

    I ordered this in the copper and yellow colours, both size small (I usually wear UK size 8), and the copper is noticeably smaller in both the top and bottom; it *just* about fits but it's almost too small. I am debating removing the circle pads, they are less noticeable than in the yellow suit but they require a *lot* of adjusting every time you put the top on otherwise they end up all over the place. You actually have to cut the suit to get the pads out, which I have had to do for the yellow suit. If you sized up it wouldn't be as much of an issue though as it wouldn't be such a tight squeeze to get on, which disrupts the pads. Alto, the stitching is not quite as perfect as in my yellow suit so some of the straps need a bit of adjusting so they lie fully flat (you can see in the top left strap). It's such a lovely colour and shape though, it's just a pity it seems to be cut a tiny bit different than the yellow one.

    • U-Ausschnitt Bralette String Bikini Reviews

    Aug. 01, 2017 at 19:56:36 PM

  • a9p395w3

    I ordered this bikini in MEDIUM. ( In European size I use S, which is why I usually order MEDIUM at ZAFUL )
    In general I am happy with my purchase because the bikini looks good on. Especially the bikini bottoms are very good at Zaful. The color and the textiles are also good ! The picture I posted is after I have removed the pads, and sew in additional rubber band for safety :)

    However as a feedback to the ZAFUL team, I would like to touch a few points:

    - The pads could be a little bigger, as they are quite small and move around. I made a small cut on the inside, and took out the pads :)
    - The rubber band of the top is a little weak. Which is why the top slides up, when moving around. In my case, I bought additional rubber band, which I sew inside :)

    • U-Ausschnitt Bralette String Bikini Reviews

    Aug. 21, 2017 at 14:41:37 PM

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Dieser Bralette Badeanzug besteht aus einem U-Ausschnitt gepolstert Bikini-Crop-Top und einem hohen Schnitt Tanga Böden, alle in einfarbiger Farbe. Ideale Badeanzug für Sommerurlaub am Strand.

Bademode: Bikini
Typ: Damen
Material: Nylon,Polyester,Elasthan
Stil: Gepolstert
Funktionen: Ohne Bügel
Ausschnitt: U-Ausschnitt
Muster: Solide
TailleLeibhöhe: Niedrig
Elastizität: elastisch
Verpackungsinhalt: 1 x Top 1 x Unterseiten


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U-Ausschnitt Bralette String Bikini - Bundeswehrgrün M Mobile



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